Entwicklung zum wahren Selbst

Solutions and  Transformation

Are you looking for answers and solutions to issues that have stood in the way of your personal development?

Are you looking for answers and solutions to issues that have stood in the way of your personal development?

  •  You  know there is more to you that you wish to access and don't know how. 
  • There are changes you need to make but are intimidated or afraid of the consequences. 
  • You would rather be with someone or do something you don’t like to do than to face the pain of not doing it. 
  • You realize you have changed considerably after a loss or specific event. 

My name is Firouzeh and I  welcome you to my site. 

The answers and solutions to issues are hidden in the subconscious mind. The conscious understanding of the issue or problem is a good place to start but by no means the place to solve them, as we know today.

After experiencing a stressful event, especially those that have frightened you or questioned your belief system, have a long lasting stressful impact on our lives. The origins can date back to childhood-trauma, other traumatic events, grief or loss. All change the belief system and can affect areas such as: one’s perception of the self, the feeling of deservingness and abilities, creativity, etc. These beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind and can effectively be changed with PSYCH-K®.

The subconscious mind will always make sure to validate its „program“ by bringing on  events, situations, and people  that match the stored beliefs. For this reason, it is difficult to create changes at the conscious level.

"If you believe you can, or you can't, you are right!" - Henry Ford.

PSYCH-K® is a clear and straightforward method that enables the 
re-writing of limiting belief patterns deeply anchored in the subconscious. New life affirming beliefs are created and replace the old allowing  a self-confident and empowered life to take place. 

I invite you to take a step to to the life you wish to create for yourself!


• “If you’ve had a negative belief for a long time it will take a long time to change it.“

• “Changing old behaviors and thought patterns is difficult and often painful. It’s the “No pain, no gain” myth.“

• “You need to know what caused a problem in order to change it.“

Bewältigung von Trauma und Angst


The uses of  PSYCH-K® are endless. I have also successfully helped animals and plants throughout my work with this modality.  

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Die Macht der Gedanken

To Contemplate On

Sometimes different resources offer insight to help  understand one's own process. For one person, it is the language of a wise or tale, for the other it is something scientific, and for the other it is the path of introspection. The following link is for those who enjoy reflecting their personal issues from a different vantage.