Lösungen in der Verarbeitung alte Muster


"No one can be like me. Even I have trouble doing it".

- T. Bankhead

 I work with different modalities and techniques based on energy psychology that are holistic and effective to transform and release old patterns and limiting beliefs.​ ​ The sessions are very individual and heart based. I accompany and support you in your process of change. The coaching sessions are adapted to the individual’s needs, depth of the issues, and possible unexpected issues that may arise. If you have any further questions or require more detailed information about a session, I will be happy to answer them in a free initial conversation.​ ​

Sessions can be held in person, by telephone or virtually. All possibilities are equally effective.​ ​ ​

Single session  -  60 minutes        120,00 €       ​ ​

Package  - 4 single sessions       440,00 €   ​ ​ ​ ​

The meetings are to be paid in advance and include the valid value added tax.​ ​